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Below is a selection of projects. Each project is part of a solution that can be from a different phase in the process. It can be a research project, a project to explore an alternative scenario or a definitive solution to a specific problem. Read through the process description to learn more.

Transform: And Action.

Astora was launched as a new brand of quality LED video and film lighting a year earlier, but to little or no effect. I repositioned the brand and developed a different kind of introduction campaign centered around creativity under pressure; a challenge that gave young filmmakers the creative freedom to make a short movie, but with a few restrictions in time, budget and an impossible creative obstruction to overcome.

Create: A platform for art in public space

After the 2008 financial crisis and subsequent cuts in Dutch government spending on art subsidies, the art world was forced to reinvent their sources of revenue in an increasingly hostile climate towards the arts. Together with three professionals for art in the public domain we developed a new platform that promotes the sector in general and highlights alternative options for art projects in order to address potential new business.

Identify: Orange is the new bad.

Everything has the potential to be good and bad, depending on the time, place, situation and the context. During the first 100 days of the presidency of the USA I documented the rotting process of an otherwise very nutricious orange shaped to look like Donald Trump. While becoming strangely beautiful, with each passing day it also became more and more unhealthy and disgusting.

Explore: 1001 things to do when you're angry.

Don't make important decisions when you're extremely sad, very happy and especially not when you're angry. You will end up regretting those choices. For the 2017 Dutch elections I created a platform for creatives to distribute fun tips for alternative things to do when someone is angry. From short films to clever oneliners the tips reached a large and diverse online audience.

Identify: The spreading of a commercial virus.

To understand the complex dynamics of value creation by large fashion firms, I created a research project in which I mimicked the way Nike uses subcultures to spread hype by word-of-mouth. I secretly placed 10 pairs of concrete Nike replica sneakers in front of the world's most prolific sneaker shops and documented the following spread for a year, all the way up to the project publication and subsequent boom.

Deconstruct: The creative process for Nike Sportswear

In order to create change or something truly new, you first have to destroy the old. I used this philosophy by Nietzsche to create a project for Nike sportswear that focused on showing that particular attitude and the resulting creative process. I took the product apart and stripped it of all its value and meaning, rebuilding it through several stages of destruction and creating all the way up until the launch event in London.

Change: The perspective of value in design.

Recently the role of designer has expanded from problem solver towards the realm of the arts, asking questions rather than offering solutions. Designers have also adopted the business model of artists in which they produce design as art. This changes the context and perception as well as the valuation of the work. To understand this mechanism I amplified the idea of limited edition design as art through a series of ten chairs illegally made in public space.

Re-Frame: The purpose of designer furniture.

Every year in October the city of Eindhoven hosts the Dutch Design Week. It is a place where many designers of all types gather to show their work. And while it's not the furniture Salone in Milan it's easy to question the need for many of the design that is presented. To show an alternative to the traditional function of furniture I created a skateable living room. Because skateboarders are used to interpreting obstacles for potential useability it made perfect sense.

Change: The rules of the game.

As in life, all games have written and unwritten rules. Whenever the game of football is played outside of the official context the rules shift towards the unwritten. On each field players improvise and change the rules according to the situation, sparking creativity. For Nike I created a concrete street football inspired foosball game that challenges players to follow many of the unwritten rules and to be creative.

Create: O'Neill billboarder.

O'Neill is universally known for its involvement in surf culture. Its founder invented the wetsuit. Less known are their activities in snowboarding. To signal this in The Netherlands I made a special billboard in front of one of the most visited artificial indoor snow slopes in The Netherlands. It's simple, in your face and effective.

Create: Lavar brand development and creative direction.

Transform: Giant Bicyles repositioning and creative direction.

Create: Pyer Moss online identity development.

Explore: Who's Afraid of Red Bull, Yellow and Blue?

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