Nike. ID Cube. In Store Object.

For Nike’s “BE TRUE.” campaign, I came up with the idea for a shoe customizing toy based on the infamous Rubik’s Cube. The toy redefines the original use, because in stead of solving the puzzle, someone can now create his own favorite shoe by playing with the toy.

The original (award winning) idea was to give people the opportunity to have their creations produced, but unfortunately this was not possible due to time restraints. The ability to interact with the brand and get creative on the other hand is very much possible.


O’Neill. Capsule Collection. Presentation Concept.

O’Neill. In Store. Window Concepts.

O’Neill. In Store. Presentation Objects.

Red Bull. Art of Can. In Store Objects.

Havana Club. Inspired Ingenuity. Art.

Red Bull. Art of Can. On Premise Objects.

Red Bull. Art of Can. Campaign Objects.