I Have Pop™ creates playful, strategic and remarkable art, design and communication projects.
Transforming simple ideas into valuable experiences, effectively connecting audiences to global brands and small businesses.



Creating positive, permanent change.

My expertise extends from the development of strategic ideas or thoughts into powerful long-term assets to designing and building remarkable graphics, objects, installations, etc. What I do is usually fun, often interactive, frequently unconventional, but always exceeds objectives.


I Have Pop™ also frequently ventures into the realm of autonomous art as a way to research the mechanics and dynamics of popular culture. In fact the name originates from a two year, multiple continent spanning art project dating back to 2004. Since then many projects followed resulting in exhibitions, magazine features and invitations to do projects for companies such as Nike, Red Bull, Havana Club and others.


This is what I do:
Strategic brand development,
Global marketing and implementation,
Creative direction,
Concept development,
Integrated communication campaigns,
Art direction and Design.



I Have Pop™
J.J. Cremerplein 29 III
The Netherlands

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Guerilla Upcycling

Appropriation of materials from the city to make designer furniture on the spot to leave them there for a lucky collector.

Centraal Museum

Participatory digital art piece for the Centraal Museum in Utrecht, the Netherlands based on the idea of Joseph Beuys that everyone is an artist.

Pyer Moss

Designing the identity and online presence for soon-to-be fashion rockstar Pyer Moss from New York City.

Nike Destroyer

Developing and executing a concept for the global launch of the Destroyer jacket for Nike Sportswear in London.


Strategically growing the Lavar brand from a small local line of t-shirts to a globally distributed BMX streetwear brand.


Designing and building a street inspired foosball table for a Nike exhibition honoring the Air Max 90 in Amsterdam.


Creating the concept and design and building a spectacular outdoor billboard for O'Neill in the Netherlands.


Providing performance enhancing substance to the Giant bicycles brand in the US of A. Creative and art direction for the "GO" campaign.


I Have Pop™, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0)646078282
E-mail: info () ihavepop.com
Twitter: @IHavePop